Wedding Display Fireworks


Why Fireworks

We provide professional wedding fireworks

displays across the UK. Fireworks at a wedding

is fast becoming a must have for creating an

amazing finale to an amazing day. Nothing

else expresses celebration quite as stylishly,

and on such a scale, as when the skies are

bursting full of colour and sparkles. Make

your special day an amazing day with our

superbly priced, yet truly spectacular wedding

fireworks. See skies full of colour and smiles of joy

as we captivate you and your guests with a dazzling display of fireworks within the night sky.


With a reputation for creating cutting edge award winning wedding fireworks displays, coupled together with competitively priced packages, by booking with us you can be assured of unrivalled quality at an honest price.


As an independent firework company, we can source, and cherry pick the best fireworks from suppliers around the world. We visit the firework factories and oversee our fireworks being made to ensure we can deliver our customers superior quality.


                       The quality of fireworks, used on our displays, not only exceed our exacting

                             standards they all meet the required British and European Standard.


                                   As well as having and using high specification fireworks, the good design

                                    and set up of a display makes a huge impact on your show, we use our

                                    in-house design team to plan the layout and firing order to gain the

                                  greatest performance.


                           We employ FireOne - the world's most advanced digital firing system and the

                  world's most advanced fireworks to music choreography system.


Its precise, accurate timing and state of the art software allows us to program more complex and dynamic displays. This allows us to offer you very competitive prices yet very versatile shows with amazing effects.


Pyromusicals - Fireworks choreographed to music and fired with split second timing is undoubtedly a winning combination that produces the ultimate show.


Using ScriptMaker, the world's first fully integrated choreography software package, with FireOne we are able to offer the most unprecedented precision timing in the industry.


Our choreography team can take your chosen piece of music and make the fireworks dance through the night sky in precise timing to it creating the most awe-inspiring atmosphere you are ever likely to witness.

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